We are a small homestead farming operation in northern Minnesota believing in the production of sustainable, natural, and high-quality products. We specialize in the select breeding of grass-fed, registered Belted Galloway cattle and purebred Berkshire pigs for both live market and meat sales. We also grow pesticide-free produce for sale from our seasonal garden.

Summer Piglets Available Now!

Both gilts and boars are available in this litter. Sired by our boar, Pork and the second litter of our sow, Ham, these piglets were born on 6/28/2017. They are weaned and growing heartily. They have inherited the stout hind end of their mother and the solid body growth of their father. They promise to be large pigs with great body conformations.

Email us at crookedtreeranchmn@gmail.com for any questions or to schedule a visit and purchase.

Two additional litters will be upcoming and available in a few weeks. They are the progeny of our sows Canadian (her first litter) and Anne (her third litter). Canadian’s litter is sired by our friendly boar, Beans. Anne’s litter, like her prior two, was sired by Pork.

If you are interested in purchasing large quantities or would like to acquire piglets from more than one litter, please let us know so that we can accommodate your specific needs.


If you have purchased from us before, we would love to hear from you! Pictures of our former piglets and feedback as to how their growth, breeding quality, and meat quality has worked for your family or farm is always appreciated.