We are a small homestead farming operation in northern Minnesota believing in the production of sustainable, natural, and high-quality products. We specialize in the select breeding of grass-fed, registered Belted Galloway cattle and purebred Berkshire pigs for both live market and meat sales. We also grow pesticide-free produce for sale from our seasonal garden.

About Us


Crooked Tree Ranch is a small homestead farm located in the small northern community of Akeley, Minnesota. Founded in 2014, we currently raise registered Belted Galloway beef cattle and purebred Berkshire pigs. We believe in caring for our animals like family. We know each animal by name, not number. They receive daily direct interaction. As a result, our cows and pigs are friendly and relaxed.

Our hope is to create a sustainable lifestyle on the farm. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a labor of love. We enjoy seeing our farm make progress to grow larger and better with each passing year.